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If you are looking for a Native English Speaking French Real Estate Professional in France you have found one.

David has 7 years experience helping clients in Canada and 5 years experience helping clients in France.

David is fluent in French as well as a native English speaker.

You can learn about David’s high level of customer service here.


Below are 3 ways David can assist you.


David has over 12 years of trained experience in negotiating the best prices for both buyer and sellers of real estate. He offers this service in English and in French.

During his career he has helped negotiate over 200 real estate contracts. In one recent transaction David negotiated an increase in purchase price of 115,000 euros for the sellers, in another transaction he helped a buyer save 39 000 euros on an already very well priced property by using specific negotiating tools.


David has the ability to explain to you in simple everyday English how the real estate system works in France so you avoid the problems and pitfalls many non-French speaking people experience. He can help you become aware of some of the important localized issues you need to know about before buying or selling a French property.

David can also help you compare and contrast how the real estate industry work in France compared to other market places like Canada and the U.S.A.

To assist you, David developed a real estate educational site that helps individuals like you learn in everyday English all about real estate in France. He is also open to speaking directly with you on a no charge basis to introduce you to the real estate market in France.


David is better able to serve you as a buyers or seller of French real estate since he has created a network of hundreds of agents who are available to assist him in helping you find the property of your dreams or sell the property that no longer serves your needs. This costs you no additional fees.

David is a registered to work in the real estate industry in France and he lives and works in France.

Curious to learn more, drop David a message and He will be happy to phone you back and chat with you about French real estate. Contact me here today.

All the best,


David Hennessey

Agent Commercial with Hilary Larkin Properties